This is related to both blitzes and also to @Lisa Woodruff’s PhD podcast this week… It was someone here in the app who told me about the combo of Outfit Formulas and the Stylebook app. I got the fall Outfit Formula, and then the All Access Pass, and when I got an iPhone last month I added the Stylebook app. It has been a PROJECT! There was a definite learning curve and a financial cost in terms of both the Formulas and filling in gaps in my closet. It took me a LONG time to organize everything, learn how to use the app, get my clothes into the app - like 2 or 3 full weekends (hence posting about it here during the Spring Break blitz!) But I love it! It’s making getting dressed super easy. I have a plan for a cute, comfortable, weather-appropriate outfit every single day, with no brain power needed or decision fatigue caused (hence posting about it here during the Routines Blitz!) I needed a post-pandemic change after almost 3 years of leggings and sweats, especially since I’m starting to travel again for work. And my husband and team have definitely noticed that I’ve upped my style game. Also wanted to let you know that in the process, I discovered Spanx jeans and jeanish leggings. They fit my short, curvy, long-waisted body great and are just as comfortable as leggings - to the point that I voluntarily wore them to spend two days with my nephew when he was in the hospital. I have sensory issues, and have never been able to wear jeans for more than 4 or 5 hours before I feel like I’m crawling out of my skin, but these are different! (Also not cheap - if some of you take my advice, this could turn into an expensive post for you!)

Posted by Seppie at 2023-03-23 12:59:09 UTC