As someone who has now gone thru multiple planning days, I value more than anything what I have learned from @Lisa Woodruff about the benefits of routines. I also think about all the learning from @Stefanie Ardoin in the Business Workbox on converting activities into green slash pocket routines. For my personal routines, when I started, my focus was first to capture my getting dressed routine. It seems a bit ridiculous as a 50+ woman, but I wrote down on a note card every key step that I wanted to do to feel fully dressed for the day. I tucked it my bathroom vanity drawer and pulled it out every day until it became second nature. Then, I did the same for getting ready for bed, which has had incredible benefits. Then I branched out my getting dressed into 3 separate cards of getting ready, getting dressed, and getting fed. And now I am working on my afternoon and evening routines. This means, I will have 6 routines: 1. Morning get me ready 2. Morning get me dressed 3. Morning get me fed 4. Afternoon break for evening 5. Evening connect with intention 6. Evening set up for sleep Where are you on your journey to creating at least one routine for yourself? #routinesblitz

Posted by Laura Milazzo at 2023-03-23 12:13:35 UTC