#adultspringbreakblitz #garage Happy to report progress being made! Started cleaning out my side of the garage yesterday. Not near finished but very decluttered with more to go through when I do the basement closets and combine like with like. Donation pile for pickupplease(dot)org : PIC 1: -4 large construction bags of clothes -1 large bag of kitchenware -1 box of vases and misc. -skateboard, crutches, cork frame and electric wet mop PIC 2: And finally 2- large construction bags for the trash Tired of making these areas “the land of the lost”. Phew! Also found some things to return asap and a few things we can still use! The huge monster is becoming smaller😝😜🤪 ETA: PS: just added another bag to the donation pile! (Not pictured). Yay!

Posted by Diana Mas at 2023-03-22 21:47:04 UTC