I loved doing my own Memorial Day Blitz last year (2022). I did my Garage clean out. I loved the outcome of it! Since then, some things havé happened: 1) I did my basement storage clean out which took me longer than expected and I stopped when it got cold as I was using the garage space for this. All this is still in the front part of my garage. 2) My teenager got his license and is a young wrench head. Instead of the garage being my space, it has be one a familial space. Argh!!! 3) A kind Neighbor gifted some stuff to me and it needs to be broken down to be usable and stored. The temps of 30 degree F and below have not had me spending time out in the cold garage. I am looking forward to warmer weather and Blitzs again for me to conquer this space again. Doing so will help me deal with all the anxiety and negative emotions this space now holds for me.

Posted by Sara Fatty at 2023-03-15 14:16:25 UTC