If anyone wants to know all the announced dates for the various blitzes, click on this hashtag: #blitzdates -- it will take you to a post I did that lists them. That way you don't have to scroll through all of the calendar of events month-by-month to find them. NOTE: This is the ONLY Blitz Dates post I will continue to update. Those in the Comments from other posters may not be current with the information I found on the Web site UPDATE: The dates are in the Calendar of Events for all blitzes except these: Holiday and Out with the Old. Here are the dates as I know them so far as of April Fool's Day! --Adult Spring Break Blitz: March 17-21 --Routines Blitz: March 25-27 --Memorial Day Blitz: May 27-29 --Back-to-School Blitz: July 10-14 --Holiday Blitz: Not in the calendar yet, but I hope they do it earlier so we can make our Halloween plans, too. --Black Friday Blitz: Not in the calendar yet, but I am betting November 24-26 since Thanksgiving is November 23??? --Out with the Old: Unknown, but they usually do it the week between Christmas and New Years, so I am thinking December 26-30, maybe??? Thought I would save y'all the time of having to doom-scroll through each month like I just did. Mark your calendars with the #blitzdates

Posted by Christy Underwood at 2023-03-07 01:31:32 UTC