how to #accesstheapp on your computer's desktop: step-by-step directions in this post --Sunday Basket Club is live from 5-6:30 pm Eastern most Sundays unless there is a holiday or there is a Planning Day that weekend. #sbclub ----If you want to see previous Club sessions, click on this hashtag: #sbclubreplay --Friday Workbox Club is live from 2-3:30 pm Eastern most Fridays with the same caveat about holidays, but regarding a Workbox Planning Day. #fwbclub ----If you want to see previous Club sessions, click on this hashtag: #fwbclubreplay For both Clubs, log into the app (whether on your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, whatever) and when the Club is live, there will be a banner on your screen that says both Watch and Close. Click on Watch. Then click the Play button on the video to hear the host. The Chat will also show up when you link to the Club. You will NOT be able to see the Chat in the replays. To access the app on your laptop or desktop do this: 1. Go to community.organize365(dot)com on your computer browser (sorry we can't use live links in the app) (replace the word "dot" with a period or .) 2. Type in the email address that you use to log in to Org365 3. Press "Send" or whatever the faded pink button says 4. Go to your email and I bet it will beat you there. If you use Gmail, it will be at the top of your Updates tab (that's what I use, so that's how I know) 5. Copy the 12-digit code including the dashes 6. Go back to the Org365 page you had open 7. Paste the code in the box 8. Voila, you're in! I am posting this here so it will be searchable for future users and I can just tell them to look for the post under my name when they click on the #accesstheapp hashtag. I don't want to type it up again cuz I'm lazy. Hope people find this helpful! (cross-posted in all my groups because not everybody is signed up for everything)

Posted by Christy Underwood at 2023-03-07 00:38:12 UTC