Well, finally started 😅 Needed to clean to get at my cabinets to declutter. Photos: - Counter/sink before and after - Floor by sink before and after (yes the floor is destroyed, landlord keeps promising/threatening an addition to expand the kitchen and doesn’t want to replace the floor “right before” that happens…my air conditioner and fish tank leaking gallons on it is what popped up the tiles so I’m kinda letting it ride ) -An hour later (box on the floor is donations) Most of the plastic containers in the sink at the end are likely getting donated, but they need to at least get rinsed before they go. Dishes will have to wait to get put away in the morning after they air dry. I can’t decide if it’s so messy because my kitchen is so small, or (more likely) my small kitchen helps limit and contain my mess 🤣

Posted by Renee L at 2022-12-29 04:16:08 UTC