My daughter (11) decided to skip today's task and jump to tomorrows task. Her bedroom. I started by giving her permission to throw out anything she wanted to. She took out 5 garbage bags of toys/books that she wants to store (that is another day challenge to get her to reduce it to fit into two bins). She's decided shes now too big for dolls and a lot of her stuffed toys. The doll house was moved out and put into a communal toy room because her younger siblings want to play with it. 5 bags of trash - she was a paper hoarder - so most of it was recyclable. Or donate able. 3 garbage bags of clothes that were too small or she didn't like. Very impressed with her efforts. I wasn't allowed to take photos. But she is totally getting the MVP certificate. Plus the most de-cluttered. She's now got 4 free cubes in there 2x4 IKEA cube unit. Read for her to decide what her next passion project is. She rearranged her furniture and was able to add an arm chair to sit in and read.

Posted by Dannii Edwards AUS at 2022-12-27 06:59:11 UTC