I forgot to take a before picture, but here’s an in process and the final product for Emily (5). Her stuff was all jumbled up everywhere to start with so we started piles by category for everything that was a keeper and once we had gone through everything we figured out where to put the keepers. She’s hoping that decluttering the play ballet mat and bar will earn her the award for largest item decluttered. So far it’s looking good. 🙂 We did Daniel’s (4) room today too but I didn’t get a picture yet. I think the biggest win was that Abigail (10) was on her half of the room while we worked in Emily’s side and asked if I would go through her room with her tomorrow! She did a pass through it already and had said earlier that it didn’t need anything, so huge win. 😁

Posted by Amber D. Ziegler at 2022-12-27 00:28:49 UTC