Loving the Holiday Blitz!! The one thing my WHOLE family wants most at our Christmas dinner is punch.😍 I make it every year! I made it today and it's ready to put in the freezer! Thought I would share the recipe...... Yellow punch 3 cups water 3 cups sugar 8 cups pineapple juice 1 cup lemon juice 2 liter ginger ale Combine water and sugar and heat just until sugar is dissolved, stirring occasionally. Let this sugar water cool. Combine pineapple juice and lemon juice in an empty plastic gallon jug. Add the sugar water. I put the gallon jug in the freezer. I shake the jug maybe 3 times in the first hour. I remove the punch several hours before I am ready to serve so it can partially thaw. I use a large punch bowl. I cut the top of the plastic jug to remove the partially frozen punch. Then I add a chilled 2 liter of ginger ale for some delicious slushy punch.😊

Posted by Peggy Trotman at 2022-12-15 03:21:07 UTC