I had bought all the ingredients for Mimi's chocolate chip cookies so I would be ready for when the mood struck me to make cookies... well that day was today! I am taking our Christmas card photos today and wanted cookies as a prop... it sure has a lot of chocolate chips. I feel like it's 2/3 chocolate chips, 1/3 dough ha. So far my husband was disappointed 🤣 he is very particular to nestle toll house cookies as written on the bag... with only 1 bag of chocolate chips! I enjoyed them though I'd probably take out the dark chocolate chips for slightly less chocolate plus I'm not a huge fan of dark. My 7 year old thought they were the best cookies ever! She loved 100% as is. My 9 year old we are just waiting for her to come home from school to try. (7 year old is recovering from a middle and outer ear infection and didn't wake up well so she stayed home 🤦‍♀️) anyways they made exactly 6 dozen to the chip! Last batch is in the oven! #mimiscookies

Posted by Jami Engerson at 2022-11-28 20:18:15 UTC