Just went through the presents I had already bought and wrote down which kid they were for and how much they cost. Then I reorganized them all and put presents into one box so they can stay hidden better. I put their advent calendars and things the elfs give them sometimes into another box so I don't have to search for them. Then I wrote out some things we want to do and somethings I will be in the lookout for (such as tiny prizes or candy for the Christmas saran wrap ball game) My goal is to be at least 99% ready for Christmas by time I am cleared to go back to work on December 15th. I am giving myself 1% not ready cause my husband is technically responsible for his mom's gift and he's always last minute but I still have to remind him 😒 ha!

Posted by Jami Engerson at 2022-11-16 19:30:52 UTC