Three years ago I joyfully resumed our Christmas newsletter tradition after a LONG break to get through the little children stage. But initially I would lose tons of time in the fall trying to find or coordinate a good family photo for the card. This year I found a great hack! We live in Canada, so every July 1, we all dress up in red and white for our national holiday and spend the day together outside. Everyone is already in a good mood. All I need to do is ask someone to take a few minutes to snap a few photos of the four of us against a natural green background. Then when October comes around I am guaranteed to have one good photo of the four of us in colours that are guaranteed to look good on a Christmas card. I can add more if I have good ones to share and make it a photo collage, or I can feature a single photo. Either way I am ready to create as soon as I sit down. I am going to do this every year from now on!

Posted by Francie Gow at 2022-11-16 16:14:49 UTC