One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is setting a beautiful table (actually, 2-3 tables of 10-15 people!) I go all out with tablecloths and dishes and napkin rings and candles and flowers - it takes a lot of effort, but I truly enjoy it. I always assign seating because it makes it way more likely that everyone will have a pleasant meal, sitting near people they will enjoy talking to! My "task" for today was to take a bit of time to come up with new ideas for our place cards. I looked on google images for "elegant natural thanksgiving place cards" and then copied images into a document that I printed out. This will make things really easy in future years, when I can just pull the document out of my Thanksgiving slash pocket. PS - If you need inspiration, one of my simplest go-to's is to get a Satsuma orange for each person (the kind with the leaves still attached - Whole Foods usually has them at this time of year) and then tie a little name tag to the stem using baker's twine. Super easy and looks really impressive!

Posted by Seppie at 2022-11-15 02:26:04 UTC